Q: What is Culture Travel Club?

A: An exclusive luxury travel company focused on exploring history, culture and adventure.  Experiencing perfectly curated excursions by world travelers.

Q: Why did you create CTC?

A: We felt there was a niche missing in travel.  So many people travel to destinations and don’t get to experience the best that the city or region has to offer.

Q: Can I get a Refund?

A: You can receive a full refund within 30 days of the trip, 75% within 14 days, 30% within 4 days.

Q: Can friends and family come along?

A: Yes, friends and family are welcome to join.  Make it a party.

Q: Can you plan my entire trip?

A: Yes, we can create custom trip for you to any destination on the planet.

Q: Do I need shots for these trips?

A: Most African countries require a yellow fever shot and optional malaria.

Q: Can I plan my own trip but still join your excursions?

A: Yes, you can, just drop us an email and tell us what you have in mind

Q: Do I need a visa for these trips?

A: Most countries you don’t with a US passport.  Some countries you can get visa on arrival. “Ghana” requires visa by your traveling date.

Q: How can I collaborate with you as a Curator or Creative?

A: Drop us an email and tell us what you have in mind

Q: Are children Allowed

A: 18+ older, no children